At Nioro Plastics (Pty) Ltd, we can provide you with PET bottles, preforms, push-pull caps and handles. The current equipment used has the capability to produce over 7.5 million bottles, over 8 million preforms and over 1 million caps and handles per month. However, the expansion of our premises and new machinery will allow us to increase that number.

We also provide our Customers with the option to use re-cycled rPET material where possible, which, in combination with our advanced technology and energy-saving production process and machinery, results in an environmentally friendly process from start to finish.

Don’t forget the label! We also provide self-adhesive, shrink- and wrap-around sleeving services to suit your labelling needs, in addition to saving customers’ labelling time and labour expenses.

We can also offer in-house screen-printing.

Our standard colours are clear (transparent), normal blue and ice blue.

All other colours are available on request- Banbury and Color Matrix are colorants used for customizing colours, allowing for flexibility in terms of product creativity and brand management.